Why Join Skylark

Passion for Success

At Skylark, you will experience an all-pervasive passion that drives our employees everyday – zeal built on the knowledge that you are not just an employee but a very integral and significant part of the creation of Skylark.

Opportunities for Growth

Skylark offers the best of both the worlds, by combining the advantages of working in a small growing company that is on a fast growth track to become a Multinational.

Constant Learning

Skylark will continuously train and develop you on several process areas. We encourage a culture of teaching and sharing through its lunch and learn programs, where employees conduct training in the areas of their expertise.

Fun and Joy

Fun-at-work is a part of our ethos. Informal and vibrant culture of the organization encourages employees to have fun while working. The environment motivates all to love the work that they do, thus taking the sting out of hard work and making you all love your work.


With a culture built on mutual respect, a growing world of opportunities and an environment that supports the personal drive for excellence, a career with Skylark can be exceptionally rewarding.

We place a great deal of importance on assembling the best team possible. We hire motivated people and create a working environment where they can flourish – guided by passionately held goals, beliefs and principles. Skylark offers an opportunity to build a lifelong career that has both infinite potential and a real sense of pride in work well done.