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Operation & Maintenance Services of Skylark

Skylark Group has an experienced team for Operation & Maintenance Service which ensures the continuous efficiency of your Thermal/PV/Distribution assets. Our team works round the clock to improve performance and maximize the return from all assets.

Our trained and certified teams are ably supported by a central monitoring team so that the O&M Services stay ahead in their respective business segment.

A brief of our Power O&M Services is given below:

Thermal Power Plants

1. Study of Plant specification
2. Review of contractor’s commissioning test schedules
3. Working out a detailed and comprehensive commissioning test schedule for the plant
4. Study & Analysis of O&M Manuals
5. Development of Test Procedures of plant & equipment
6. Implementation of Test Procedures
7. Developing and Preparation of Maintenance Schedules
8. Establishing Checks & Balances to ensure adherence to Maintenance Schedules
9. Implementation of Maintenance Schedules
10. Development of a Defect Notification System
11. Maintaining a Defect Free Plant
12. Rectification of Defects Reported
13. Development of an Inventory Management System
14. Maintenance of Spare Parts, Consumables, Tools & Special Tools
15. Maintenance of Adequate but optimum quantity of inventory to minimize cost
16. Maintenance of the Plant for high availability
17. Operation of the Plant with High Efficiency
18. Training the client’s O & M personnel for post contract taking over of O & M of the plant

Solar Power Plants

1. Monitoring Technological Platform
2. Asset Monitoring Service 24X7
3. Failure and Production Loss Warning Call
4. Technical Production Reporting
5. Preventive Maintenance Management, Execution and Reporting
6. Field Treatment and Modules Dust Cleaning
7. Incidents Management & Reporting
8. Corrective Maintenance Management & Execution
9. Guarantees & Claim Management
10. Stock Management & Procurement
11. Expertise & Technical Support
12. Billing Issues Management
13. Security Services Management
14. Insurance Management

Power Distribution Franchising/ O&M Services

1. Perspective planning of activities in relation to demand and supply of Power
2. Distribution of Power to consumers at the rates and specified voltage and frequency approved by the Regulator
3. Receiving applications, feasibility checking, sanctioning and release of connections for power supply to prospective consumers
4. Meter Reading, Billing and Bill Distribution of the consumers
5. Collection of bills from consumers as per the terms and conditions of Supply
6. Maintenance of Consumers Accounts in the prescribed manner
7. Installation of Meter and Meter Replacement
8. Maintenance of 33/11 kV Sub-stations, 11 KV lines, distribution transformers, cables and equipments to ensure reliable and quality power supply to the consumers
9. Attending/Monitoring of consumer complaints regarding power supply in terms of its quality, interruption and other technical matters and bill related issues
10. Augmentation of infrastructure to meet the demand
11. Planning and taking Enforcement and Vigilance action for prevention of theft of power including criminal actions against the consumers involved in theft of power
12. Procurement and Integration of men, material and special labour in execution of certain works which required special skills viz RMU, MT and cable faults
13. Ensuring safety of Human and animal life by taking suitable actions to minimize risk of accidents
14. Preparing MIS Reports relating to activities of the Company such as execution of works, releasing of service connections, prevention of theft of power, realization of revenue, redressal of consumers grievances etc