Toll Operations


Skylark Toll Collectors ensure that they collect toll revenue from the Road Users by ensuring accurate Vehicle Classification, reducing Exempted Vehicles by Strictly Implementing the Gazette Notification and decreasing the Transaction Time. Special Emphasis is laid on imparting soft skills and CRM training, as the Toll Collector's act as a Brand Ambassador to a project.


We carry out Effective Traffic Management by deputing trained Traffic Marshals at the Toll Plaza to manage Traffic Que Length, Assisting In Operating Reversible Lanes, Operating Handheld Machines for Que Bursting & Stopping Jumping Vehicles. Skylark Traffic Marshals equipped with Traffic Batons, Safety Vests Mobile Barriers play a key role in managing traffic not only at the Toll Plaza but also along the entire stretch.


A strong Liaison and PR network plays a Key role in effective Toll Operations. Our Strong and dedicated team liaises with Traffic Police, Local Police, Politicians (both at Center & State), District Soldier Boards, Local Administrative Authorities, Transport Unions. Hospitals, Media and Local Leaders.


Our dedicated team of Recruitment & Training Officers strictly implements our 5 step Recruitment Process: Sourcing, Screening, Selection, Documentation and Verification. The Selected Candidates are then trained at Skylark Institute of Security and Highways Management under a team of Trained & Experienced Instructors.


A fleet of Armoured Vehicles trained team of Accountants, Bank Officers & Gunmen ensure safe transit of Cash from the Toll Plaza to the Banks. Cash is moved through an armoured vehicle under a close watch of Trained Gunmen and Accountant Officers. Strict Emphasis is laid on record keeping and documentation.


Skylark is the only Highways Operation Maintenance Company in the country, which has PSARA (Private Security (Regulations) Act 2005 License of all the states in the country. Skylark Guards and Security Officers, during the Empanelment Process; undergo strict Screening, Recruitment, Training and Licensing Processes. Our dedicated teams of Handpicked Law Enforcement, Defence & Civil Professionals.



Skylark has pioneered in Forensic Studies & Analysis of pavement structures to frame Optimal Maintenance Program to achieve maximum performance of initial pavement structure by imparting the Desired Treatment to the various segments of the Project Network in Desired Time, so as to deliver much higher value of assets to client.


Civil maintenance contributes to reliable transport at reduced cost. We broadly classify the Civil repair works under the following categories, namely: Routine works, Periodic Works & Special Works. Routine Maintenance activities primarily focus on Patch Work, Pot hole repairs, WBeam crash barrier repairs, Signage repairs, Thermoplastic Road marking, Painting, Median Grill replacement.


Micro-surfacing is a preventive maintenance sealing treatment used to extend the life of blacktop roadways.
Cost effectiveness: micro-surfacing costs are approximately one-third the costs of a pure blacktop overlay and
Easy application: due to the thin depth of the micro-surfacing, no milling or utility adjustments are necessary, thereby further reducing the costs.
Extending the life of the asphalt: micro-surfacing extends the pavement’s life at least 5-7 years.


Environmental Protection Act applicable in India, states that the highways have to be kept clean and clear of litter. Skylark has invested in Truck Mounted Sweeping Machines & Tractor Mounted Sweeping attachments, with trained manpower and state of the art machinery Skylark team carries out Cleaning of the ROW, booths, lanes, office premises, canopies, signages, reflectors, drain cleaning on regular intervals as per the SOP.


To ensure that Skylark’s Services are as per the Industry Standard’s and Skylark’s Quality Policy our dedicated team of Engineer’s carry out Regular Inspections. A detailed report as per the Checklist is prepared to ensure that all aspects of Highway Maintenance are covered. Our Inspection Team designs project Specific Inspection Programs and thus ensure customized reporting and implementation strategies.


Skylark Electrical maintenance team equipped with state of the art equipment, tools and dedicated Sky Lifts focus on achieving & maintaining 100% Highway Illumination. With a trained team of Electrical Engineers we undertake the repair & maintenance of High Mast Lights, Street Lights, Traffic Signals, Traffic Signal Controllers, Flashing Beacons.


Skylark Horticulture Team will take care of plantation drive in an eco-friendly manner throughout the country. We will ensure that our Horticulture drive also contributes to quality of life, and the beauty, sustainability and rehabilitation of our environment and the human condition. Immensely acclaimed in the industry owing to their preciseness, these are presented by us in standard forms to our clients. These are inspected sternly to retain their optimum quality. We understand that the road side trees on the National Highways should not only provide shade but preferably also have some economic value. Skylark Horticulture Team will ensure to reduce the impact of ever increasing noise pollution. We will take the responsibility to develop green corridors along highways for aesthetic enhancement. Skylark Horticulture Team is always committed to focus on selective ornamental trees, landscaping and turfing with grasses and ornamental shrubs.



MANAGEMENT SYSTEM Skylark control room management team closely monitors the Toll Operations and Incident Management Services.. Control Room Team assists and coordinates between Toll Operations Team, Incident Management Team and Maintenance Teams. Real time monitoring of the Stretch as well and GPS technology helps us to provide help to the road users in the shortest possible time.


Skylark Route Patrolling Services ensure that the Highway is under round the clock surveillance. In case of any incident we secure the incident scene, provide emergency medical aid, immediate evacuation of the injured to nearby hospital, Safeguarding personal property, conduct accident investigations, supervising scene clearance, assisting disabled motorists and directing traffic.


Emergency Procedures looks after the triage, treatment, and transport of crash victims. Typical roles and responsibilities assumed by Skylark EMS at traffic incidents include: Providing advanced emergency medical care, Determining of destination and transportation requirements for the injured, Coordinating evacuation with fire, police and ambulance or airlift.


Skylark Fire Fighting Services ensure that in case fire breaks out in the plaza premises or in any vehicle on the stretch; the fire is suppressed immediately. Typical roles and responsibilities of our fire team include: Protecting the incident scene, Suppressing fires, Providing emergency medical care to the burnt victims, Providing initial HAZMAT response and containment.


To provide a framework to operate & maintain the project facilities and ensure maximum safety for the Highway users and surroundings several Inspections and Audits are carried out time to time. Daily inspection of the Project Assets is carried out by our Incident Management Team and any shortfall / damage arising is reported immediately.


Skylark Towing and recovery team is responsible for the safe and efficient removal of wrecked or disabled vehicles, and clearing debris from the incident scene. Our trained recovery team focuses on clearing the ROW within shortest possible time and lay focus on safeguarding personal property of road users provide a framework to operate & maintain the project facilities and ensure maximum safety for the Highway users and surroundings several Inspections and Audits are carried out time to time. Daily inspection of the Project Assets is carried out by our Incident Management Team and any shortfall / damage arising is reported immediately.